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26th February at 10:30 am.

Holy Communion
(Sunday before Lent)

The next village event will be Landkey Horticultural Society meeting on 28th February 2017 at 7:30 PM in Landkey village hall

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The organ in St Paul's Church needs to be restored and an appeal has been launched to raise the funds for this purpose. Image courtesy of Charles Waldron 20th February 2017.
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On Sunday 18th December 2016, the service at St Paul's was Nativity-themed. The service was led by Angela Bellamy and, despite there not having been a rehearsal, she managed to expertly "choreograph" the story and involve many members of the congregation. These included Joseph Ley (as Joseph!) and his sister Isabelle as Mary who were attended enthusiastically by others at this crib scene! Image courtesy of Angela Bellamy 19th December 2016.
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Welcome to the website for St Paul's Church, the Church of England church for the parish of Landkey.

The tranquil village of Landkey is situated just three miles from the busy market town of Barnstaple in North Devon. With a growing population in excess of 1800, a strong sense of community exists within the village and, of this, the church is an important part. As well as offering regular Christian worship, the church provides valuable links to other areas of the community such as the local Primary School and the Mothers' Union.

St Paul's is a friendly church in which the Christian message is heard regularly by a congregation of around 30 worshippers. All are welcome to attend our services.

20th Feb 2017

Organ Restoration

The organ in our church, which has been gradually falling into a state of disrepair, is now the subject of a fund-raising campaign.

It is estimated that it will cost £25000 + VAT to carry out the restoration but, already, half that amount has been raised.


A considerable amount of work has already been undertaken with preparing an application for estimates and  for advice. In order for major work such as this to be done, the Diocese of Exeter needs to issue a "Faculty", or authorisation. This is only given if the application for it is submitted in such a way that the Diocese believes that the intended work is achievable.

We are pleased to report that the St Paul's Church has been awarded a recognition by the Diocese for the quality of the application that was made to them for the Faculty and our sincere thanks go to Eric and Hazel Price who worked very hard to make this application.

Donations welcome!

If you would like to make a donation to the organ restoration fund, please get in touch with us by using the contact form on the Contact Us page, or call us using one of the telephone numbers also listed there. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

20th Feb 2017

New worshippers welcome!

When writing articles for our website, I am aware that it can sometimes appear as though they are intended to be read only by regular worshippers.

While it is important that news of services and events is made available to those who come regularly to church, it is equally important that anyone who might be wondering whether they should take part in worship for the first time knows that the church is as much here for them as it is for those whose Christian journey is longer established.

If you are wondering whether to attend church either for the first time or after a long break, you may have some concerns to overcome before you take that step. If so, these responses, inspired in part by teachings from the Christian faith, may be of some help.

Nobody will know me. It is only natural to feel anxious when attending an unfamiliar church but members of the congregation will be only too happy to put you at your ease. Remember, though, that God already knows you, by name, and this is something that you would have in common with other churchgoers.

I might be committed to regular churchgoing.  It is entirely up to you as to whether you attend regular  church services. Living a Christian life is a matter of personal choice and no one should make you do so against your will. If you find that following the will of God brings benefit to your life, going to church will be something that you want to do, rather than have to do.

I am not sure if I could be a Christian.  God only expects you to be yourself as he already knows you (and loves you), for who you are. It may be that you feel that you require something more in your life than just the daily routine. If so, it could be that God is calling you for a purpose and that purpose might become clearer through worship and prayer. If you develop a relationship with God, you may find that the way you act and appear will seem to take on the characteristics of what observers would describe as being Christian but this will be as a result of your faith, not of your trying to be a particular type of person.   

I am not good enough. No-one is perfect as to be human is to make mistakes. Mistakes that we have made can prevent us from allowing God into our lives. Having faith in Christ, though, allows us the opportunity, by saying sorry, for our mistakes to be forgiven.

If you find yourself considering whether you might wish to come to church, feel free to get in touch with us (via the Contact Us page), or simply come along to one of our published services. You will be very welcome!

Charles Waldron

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